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SAFECode Training Program Resources

Security Engineering Training: A Framework for Corporate Training Programs on the Principles of Secure Software Development

This paper outlines the fundamentals of a security engineering training program based on an analysis of the shared experiences of SAFECode members. It is not meant to provide a curriculum, but rather a framework that can be put into place to facilitate successful training initiatives
http://www.safecode.org/publications/SAFECode_Training0409.pdf 1.9M

SAFECode Secure Software Development Resources

Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development 2nd Edition
This paper provides a foundational set of secure development practices based on an analysis of the real-world actions of SAFECode members. It is intended to help others in the industry initiate or improve their own software security programs and encourage the industry-wide adoption of fundamental secure development methods.

Practices for Secure Development of Cloud Applications
Developed in partnership with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), this paper provides practical secure development recommendations in the context of critical threats specific to cloud computing. http://www.safecode.org/publications/SAFECode_CSA_Cloud_Final1213.pdf

Guidance for Agile Practitioners
This paper provides practical software security guidance to Agile practitioners in the form of security-focused stories and security tasks they can easily integrate into their Agile-based development environments. SAFECode has also made available quick reference guides from the paper for download.
http://www.safecode.org/publications/SAFECode_Agile_Dev_Security0712.pdf http://www.safecode.org/publications/SAFECode_Agile_Section2b-tables.pdf http://www.safecode.org/publications/SAFECode_Agile_Section3-tables.pdf http://www.safecode.org/publications/SAFECode_Agile_Section2a-tables.pdf

Additional Resources from SAFECode Members

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